A Highly Regarded Doctor Tweets About Some of Today’s Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures

Looking great is not always easy, but there are ways of making progress even when things seem most difficult. A look at the Twitter page of Dr Zacharia, a well known plastic surgeon, will reveal there are many treatments that can be used to achieve cosmetic goals.

A Wider Range of Options Means More Opportunities for Patients

The field of cosmetic medicine has been one of the fastest developing of all in recent times. As a result, patients who work with professionals like Dr. Zacharia today gain access to procedures and treatments including:

  • Fat reduction. There are now a variety of surgical approaches that can be used to do away with or reduce stubborn fat deposits as well as a number of non-invasive treatments that can be applied toward the same goals. The surgical standby of liposuction remains an appealing option in some cases, particularly for those who have achieved significant weight loss overall. A newer, laser-based procedure called SculpSure has recently gained approval from the Food and Drug Administration, with many patients experiencing spot fat reductions of 25 percent or more.
  • Dermal fillers. Aging tends to cause facial skin to sag and develop creases, but there are ways of reversing such effects. Advanced dermal fillers that provide support from within and underneath aging skin can produce results that look natural and are immediately noticeable. Some of these treatments even encourage the body to produce more collagen, helping to slow or put a stop to the age-related deterioration of the skin.
  • Skin rejuvenation. The quality of the surface of the skin tends to decline with age, as well, but there are treatments that can be used to address related problems. Procedures that hydrate or smooth the skin can help patients look younger right away, with many of these also being virtually free of side effects and risks.

One Consultation with an Expert Can Lead to Life-Changing Results

With there now being many more ways to use cosmetic treatments to achieve any of a variety of goals, those who are less than satisfied with their appearance have plenty of cause for hope. Consulting a plastic surgeon who understands the available options can be an especially productive move.